Hi, I am Lola

As a Visual Storyteller, I find beauty in capturing moments that tell a story. My photographs have the power to connect people, bringing to life memories, businesses, and products. Each click of the camera is an opportunity to share a unique perspective and showcase my passion for photography.

Rather than being confined to a single niche, I choose to focus on an aesthetic and style that is a reflection of my creative vision. I specialize in candid and editorial photography for individuals, businesses, and brands. Those who work with me appreciate my unique eye + the way I capture the world around me. So if you're looking for stunning visuals that speak to the heart, let's collaborate and tell your story together. This is where beautiful souls align.

This site is reflective of all that I am and love.


This is my collection of photography.

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Traveling + Studio Sessions

I am available to travel for photoshoots, catering to clients who wish to work with me outside of Los Angeles, Ca.

Expenses such as stylists, wardrobe, talent (if necessary), props, studio time, and travel expenses are additional fees and a proposal will be given to the client prior to the photo shoot via quote. Hotel + airfare will be charged for shoots beyond a 100-mile radius of Los Angeles, California.

For product photography, clients outside the area can simply send their products via mail.

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I am proud to be a Minority & Woman-Owned Business based in the U.S.

servicing the San Pedro, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange County + traveling world+nationwide