Meet Chef Patricia Gamez, a visionary rooted in her Guatemalan heritage. From Guatemala to global culinary explorations, she crafts dishes that weave together tradition and innovation.

Passionate about her culture, Chef Patricia draws inspiration from vibrant flavors and culinary traditions. While dreaming of her future restaurant, she currently thrives at Pali Wine Co., leaving a remarkable mark on their culinary landscape. The foods showcased in the gallery are highlights from Pali Wine's new menu, expertly crafted by Chef Patricia.

Indulge in Chef Patricia's creations, where each bite tells a tale of culture, creativity, and flavor artistry. Join her on a gastronomic adventure, celebrating the rich tapestry of Guatemalan cuisine intertwined with global influences.

To make things better, she has these recipes listed on her blog for those who want to give it a try! Click here!

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