Hi, I am Loren, Lola, or Lo.

I created Beautiful Souls Aligned based on my affection for love & Art. I am a multi-talented soul who has a passion for all things that are created out of love with love. Since I was a child, everywhere I went my mother had a camera and took pictures of everything. Over the years, I’ve had my own cameras and always enjoyed taking pictures everywhere I went. I realized after her loss in April 2017, that I do the very same thing that she did my entire life and I LOVE IT! My mother single-handedly inspired me to be the photographer I am today unknowingly by always having a camera in her hand. She loved taking photos to capture memories. She passed away in 2017 and now, photographs are all that I have of her aside from my mental memories. In essence, I came to understand that if it had not been for all of the pictures she took over the years, the memories would have been left with her. Because she is no longer able to capture all that this world has to be seen, I now shoot for her and for all of my clients who want to have memories captured that will last a lifetime.

Every time I go out to take pictures, she lives through me. I take pride in my ability to see things in a way that allows me to capture moments that make my photography and art stand out. Through my personality, and personal perception of art and love I hope that others can enjoy and benefit from what I do. I’ve collected over 15 years of experience and specialize in all types of photography. Maternity, birth, children, family, lifestyle, events, real estate, business, weddings, & products are just some of the things I like to photograph. In addition to that, my sense of style has developed over time to more of a story-based, candid style where my images tell more of a story about the shoots, and the people. I can shoot anything and I will never limit myself or my passion to fit into a box or make myself unavailable to people who otherwise would love to work with me

Beyond the camera, I have a Bachelor's in Psychology and am currently a Grad School student in social work to pursue my Master's in Social Work with the intention of having my own practice as a therapist. I love how much I have grown as a person and as a photographer. I love what Beautiful Souls Aligned has become, the people it has grown to know, and the experiences and love it has seen. I am proud of all that I have accomplished and how far I have come in my artistry. My photography is a labor of Love. I express the deepest parts of my soul through the physical touch of art and verbal & visual expression. I love to devote myself to the things that bring peace to my spirit. In those moments of blissful existence, I give completely to an extension of myself. Beautiful Souls Aligned is a part of my existence. And through our connection, I am. You are. We are Beautiful Souls Aligned.