As a Projector in human design, I specialize in guiding and advising, offering insights that empower you to achieve your goals with precision and clarity. My consulting services are designed to help you succeed by recognizing and leveraging your unique strengths.

Consulting Services Include

Business Development + Strategy

• Strategic Planning
• Branding and Identity Development
• Administrative Support
• Scheduling and Calendar Management
• Market Research
• Branding Assistance
• Project Management

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Digital Marketing + Social Media

• Social Media Strategy and Implementation
• Content Creation and Management
• Analytics and Performance Tracking
• SEO Support
• Email Marketing Assistance

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Creative Services

• Visual Content Creation
• Website Design and Development
• Website Support and Maintenance
• Graphic Design
• Logo and Brand Design

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Personal Development + Wellness

• Life Coaching Support
• Mindfulness and Stress Management Guidance
• Personal Branding Assistance
• Career Development Support
• Health and Wellness Support

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Why Choose Me?

Tailored Solutions

I offer customized consulting services that align with your unique vision, needs + goals.

Projector Expertise

With a deep understanding of human design, I provide insights and strategies tailored to your specific energy and strengths.  I excel in listening to your needs and providing clear, actionable solutions. My approach helps you transform ideas into effective actions.

Holistic Approach

My services support your overall well-being, ensuring balanced and sustainable success.

Ready to elevate your business or personal development? Contact me today to schedule a consultation. Together, we’ll create beautiful, aligned solutions that reflect your unique vision and goals.

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Elopement Photographer

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Elopement Photographer

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