Manifest what you need, not what others can afford or will accept

It is important to understand that we won’t fit/align with everyone and their needs. This truth does not mean that we need to sacrifice our value, our needs, and our desires to fit what someone else can afford and or wants for themselves. The more I come into contact with things that are not in alignment with what I want and need for myself, the more I feel pushed to communicate the things that do not serve me, will not work for me, and are out of alignment. For instance, there was a time when I wanted to make my fees affordable to the degree that kept me struggling financially. Now by no means am I where I want to be, I still need to raise my prices (especially since I just bought brand-new gear). This is a part of my lesson, but my fees are still extremely affordable compared to others. However, I have come to understand that always adjusting my fee to fit into someone else’s budget will continue to keep me in this cycle. The other part of this comes full circle in understanding your value, and making room for others to understand your value as well.

Photography is one of the few professions where people will question your rates. When you go into a store, people do not try and bargain with the price tag. When people hire Cinderella for their child's party, they do not question the pricing. But with a photographer, things are a bit different. I have learned over the years to state the price that I want, and the right people will honor that. If not, they can hire an amateur photographer and regret the photos later (just being honest). This same theory applies and other aspects of our life as well. I have found the same thing to ring true when it comes to jobs. If you were looking for a job you have to be very clear about your requirements around pay. If somebody is not willing to pay what you know your time is worth, that very well may not be in alignment with you. At the very least, it will be out of alignment with your budget.

The other part of this is being mindful of how opportunities, experiences, and people make you feel. There are some experiences that I have had that just don't feel good when it comes to business. I am getting to the point where I am learning to turn down business opportunities that are not in alignment with my business needs and my values. It is OK to turn down opportunities that might derail your peace at any moment. There aren't many things that are worth compromising your peace of mind. I can look at this very perspective across the board in relation to everything. The thing that does not change about it is that I can't be looked at in every facet of our life. When it comes to you, your time, your products, and your business manifest what you need and not what others can afford. We've all seen what it looks like when somebody honors and values a business, their products, or the person behind it. The truth is that when they do value such a thing, they will pay the price without question. Find the people that value you and what you do.