Content marketers everywhere who create content for Email Marketing all agree with one fact; MailChimp is the revolutionary innovation in the business of Email Marketing. Those who understand the importance of email marketing know that MailChimp offers a plethora of features that make it the better option when it comes to managing email content. People who have come to realize the importance of using a functional system for email marketing understand why MailChimp is the best bet when it comes to managing and distributing email marketing content. 

Here, we would consider some of the reasons why MailChimp is the best bet for email marketing and why you should opt for this better, more functional choice.

Use MailChimp for Free, Forever

This is probably one of the major reasons why many people choose MailChimp. For one, small business owners who are still trying to get the feet standing in terms of availability of capital. With MailChimp, you get a subscriber list of 2000 and a monthly send limit of 12,000 emails absolutely for free. Apart from the free of charge potential, setting up a MailChimp account is very easy and offers a very low risk, low cost introduction into the world of Email Marketing. 

Super User-Friendly and Flexible System

MailChimp offers both a super user-friendly and flexible system that ensures that your email marketing is smooth and effective. The system helps you coordinate and manage your email marketing so well, you don’t need a degree in Marketing to run a marketing campaign for your startup or small business. 

MailChimp’s user interface is designed to be seamless, highly tweakable and fundamentally easy to interact with. This all contributes to ensuring a wonderful user experience. With a very simple drag-and-drop feature, MailChimp makes it really easy for people to create, format and distribute email marketing content without having to break a sweat or go through any stress. 

A Plethora of Features

MailChimp comes with a plethora of features which are all designed to help make your life and business easier as it pertains to email marketing. The scheduling feature, for example, makes it easy for you to prepare and schedule your emails early enough to be distributed on specific dates, as you wish. The List Segmentation feature makes it possible for you to compartmentalize your audiences into lists, depending on their needs. This feature works for getting the right content to the right audience group.

After a certain amount of emails collected, I think 20,000 or so (don't quote me on this) you will have to switch over to a paid account. Or you can set up a new email. 

A Wonderful and Responsive Support Service

MailChimp, among its many features, offers an exciting and responsive support service which ensures that you can get past technical obstacles which may present themselves in the process of getting your work done. And, the best part of this is that the support service is actually available to both people who use the free service. 

Although the free support service isn’t unlimited for forever free users of the platform, it is still a better option, compared to other platforms in the same niche. This shows just how much MailChimp values their users and the lengths they are willing to go to ensure people get the best of their service. And these are some of the things that endear them to the many people who choose them. 

I personally use Mailchimp over other sources currently and it works out well. Did you see a popup when you came to my site for 10% off if you sign up? You get the gist! 

What types of things do you use to gather emails? What works for you? 

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